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Acohol Gummies, Hora Loca, Custom Molds and more.

Like all great ideas, The Drunk Guest was born as a solution to a problem: A mother who didn't want to see her daughters’ taking shots at parties because it wasn't for “ladies” and it didn’t look nice. Frustrated but at the same time looking for a fun way to liven up the party without losing elegance, 3 creative and inventive friends came with the idea of a gummy with alcohol. In November 2022, the first gummies were born for the birthday of one of the founders. After seeing the success of the product, they decided to improve the recipe to offer them at her sister's wedding in February 2023. More than 600 gummies were produced in the kitchen of a hotel in Cartagena for only 200 guests that took less than 20 minutes to consume. A month later people from the USA and Venezuela were contacting them to make the first orders.

Over time the founders have been experimenting with the recipe to evolve and create many new flavors, shapes and colors. These alcohol gummies are now known as “The Drunk Gummy”, which many of you have now tried and love.

The Drunk Guest, specializes in making every party an unforgettable and euphoric experience. From alcohol gummies, to crowns and jackets, and many other party favors, The Drunk Guest strives to help every customer achieve that special moment for each of the events.

Bridal Hora Loca Crown - Fabiana Model Available in Caracas and Miami. Design by The Drunk Guest

Our Services.

  • Alcohol Gummies

    Pick your shape, pick your poison,
    pick your mixer.... Enjoy!

  • Hora Loca

    In order to have the best hora loca,
    you need the best crowns, bucket hats,
    and jackets.

  • Custom Molds

    Want to take your party to the next level?
    Get some custom molds to that the
    attention to details to another level

Our mission is to change the world
One experience at a time.

The Drunk Guest seeks to create and promote innovative, refreshing and absolutely boozy experiences. We strive to grow our business by helping every one of our clients bring out their inner Drunk Guest, anf by making them realize that there are infinite ways we can help elevate their next event. You see it far-fetched, we see it possible.

Brands we have worked for

Alcohol Gummies and Custom Mold

Diageo Venezuela

Alcohol Gummies and Custom Mold

Johnnie Walker

Alcohol Gummies and Custom Mold

Ron Cacique Leyenda

Alcohol Gummies

Tequila Don Julio

Alcohol Gummies

Santa Teresa 1796 - USA

Alcohol Gummies and Custom Mold

Marco Allen

Alcohol Gummies and Custom Mold

Seguros Mercantil

Alcohol Gummies and Custom Mold

Alimentos Mary

Alcohol Gummies


Alcohol Gummies & Promo Kits


Alcohol Gummies and Custom Mold


Alcohol Gummies


Alcohol Gummies and Custom Mold

The Queue

Alcohol Gummies

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